Introducing W&B  Production Monitoring

Get full visibility into ML production data of any size and shape. W&B Production Monitoring gives you interactive analytics and training-time context for rapid diagnosis and improvement. Start simply, then customize and evolve your monitoring strategies over time.
Note: Production Monitoring is available as a private preview. Click below to sign up

Visual, interactive monitoring in context

Rich, interactive visualizations put data in the relevant context, letting you drill down to the root causes of what’s changed for your model–and how you can fix it.

Scalable, performant logging in seconds

W&B Production Monitoring is easily instrumentable with a light footprint, minimizing the impact on inference jobs. Intelligent syncing supports disconnected and use cases with high data volume.

Built for machine learning and generative AI

W&B Production Monitoring comes with built-in analysis for drift and decay in LLM, computer vision, and time series. Embedding visualizations unlock in-depth clustering and diagnostics in real-time. We support any rich media type, whether it’s images, text, audio, video, molecules or any other data you’re working with.

Customizable for the alerts and automations you care about most

Easily create the automations you need to get instant notifications about your model behavior and performance. Whether you’re creating production scenarios to test to your model CI or alerts for when your model performance drifts, W&B Production Monitoring is customizable for your specific requirements.

Unify dev, staging, and prod data for continuous improvement

Production Monitoring is a single system of record for your dev, staging, and production data. Easily compare dev and production outputs to uncover what went wrong.