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“Saving everything in your model pipelines is essential for serious machine learning: debugging, provenance, reproducibility. W&B is a great tool for getting this done.”

“We were drawn to W&B because we realized our existing approach just didn’t work with a remote team. W&B is a much better home for our experimentation results. Plus it’s super easy to use. ”

“W&B lets us examine all of our candidate models at once. We can identify which model produces state of the art results on our robust test suite. This is vital for understanding which model will work best for each customer.”

A single shared source of truth

Unify everything from models and pipelines to experiments and datasets in a single system of record for your ML team. W&B lets you log and track what’s important for your unique use case so your team can be confident about every step of your model development pipeline. 

Integrates with the tools and frameworks you’re using already

Weights & Biases plays well with others. We support all major ML frameworks, training and inference environments, and workflow orchestration tools. No matter what you’re using, we’re confident you can use it with W&B.

Solve audit and compliance issues

With W&B, you’ll know which code corresponds to which model, which datasets you used during training, and how everything in your pipeline changes over time. That lets your team satisfy legal and compliance concerns with confidence–and the proof to back it up.

Flexible deployment for whatever way your team works

We support multi-tenant cloud, dedicated cloud, customer-managed cloud, and on-prem deployments for teams and organizations of all sizes. Let us know what’s right for you and we’ll help set it up.

Collaborate with confidence

Say goodbye to shared spreadsheets, endless Slack threads, and other outmoded forms of collaboration. W&B organizes your team’s vital information in one place, accessible to everyone, so you can stop wondering about if you’re using the newest dataset or have visibility into the latest experiment. With Weights & Biases, you do. 

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